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At Decenture, we’re not just transforming education; we’re reimagining it. Our platform, Pebble, built on the most advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, is fundamentally changing how institutions engage with and understand their students. It’s about more than just observing engagement—it’s about sparking it, measuring it, and optimizing it. Pebble empowers students to enhance their skills and employability, it empowers educators to boost retention, and academic outcomes, all through a seamless interface. This isn’t just an evolution; it’s a revolution in making education equitable and transparent, preparing students not just for exams, but for life. Decenture is leading the way in how institutions engage with their students, today, for a better tomorrow. Join us in our quest to create a level plating field for all students and help transform education for the better.


Pebble: Envisioning the Future of Education with AI and Machine Learning


Our Pebble platform is a practical tool for better understanding student engagement, academic path. Our platform utilizes learning analytics to identify clear patterns in how students interact with their classes, helping educators see what’s working and what isn’t. With information gathered from multiple sources, Decenture provides a detailed overview of student engagement. This comprehensive view helps educators and decision-makers improve teaching strategies and curriculum effectiveness. Enhance your educational outcomes with Decenture’s reliable insights into student engagement and performance. Engage, empower, and excel with Pebble.

Analytics AI & ML

At Decenture, we believe the future of education lies not just in what we learn, but how we learn. Our Pebble advanced analytics platform is designed to address key challenges faced by academic institutions today. We use machine learning and predictive data analysis to provide academic institutions and decision makers with precise insights into student learning dynamics, empowering them to meet student needs proactively. Our machine learning algorithms can predict student performance and engagement with over 94% accuracy. This allows decision makers to foresee potential challenges and tailor interventions that enhance student outcomes and satisfaction.

Digital ID

In today’s digital age, academic certification fraud poses a significant threat to the legitimacy of educational institutions. At Decenture, we recognize the shared responsibility of universities, employers, screening agents, and embassies to verify academic credentials.
That’s why we’ve developed Jubeo – our certification authentication solution that utilizes the power of blockchain technology to prevent fraud. With Jubeo, institutions can join a secure, dedicated platform that ensures student accomplishments are validated and verifiable. This helps protect educational institutions’ reputations and enhances students’ career prospects and employability, facilitating the recruitment process.

Digital Twin

The Future of Learning with students’ own Digital Twin is here. KOIOS mirrors every aspect of the academic journey and predicts the future educational paths and outcomes. KOIOS utilizes cutting-edge AI to create a dynamic digital twin that adapts learning style, preferences, and academic progress. It offers real-time, tailored advice, from course selection to identifying risk factors for dropouts or failures. This futuristic tool continuously evolves with each student, integrating new data to refine strategies and optimize your learning experiences. With KOIOS, students experience a truly personalized education that prepares them for success by staying ahead of challenges and harnessing their full potential.

Shaping a Future-Proof Education Ecosystem

Decenture is reshaping the educational ecosystem by integrating schools, governments, and employers onto a single platform that leverages advanced analytics and blockchain technology. This unified approach delivers a comprehensive overview of academic progress, student engagement, and career readiness, streamlining the flow of information across sectors. With robust data insights and secure credential verification, Decenture’s platform confronts key challenges such as skills shortages and the need for transparency and operational efficiency. Educational institutions can now boost student engagement and outcomes, governments can craft more effective policies, and employers gain access to a pool of qualified candidates. Innovating education, empowering progress.

The educational sector’s ongoing transformation calls for greater attention to student engagement and performance. Institutions require a unique toolkit like Decenture’s to address these critical focus points and maintain their institutional relevance.

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