Decenture is on a mission to transform education by providing academic institutions with a comprehensive and flexible platform that utilizes the latest in advanced analytics, machine learning, and blockchain technology. The platform captures and measures student engagement and provides insights that enable institutions to tackle student attrition by elevating student engagement and outcomes.
We streamline all academic transactions and activities, providing schools and students with a transparent and accessible record of progress. Decenture’s solution addresses the pressing issues faced by academic institutions, including equity gaps, loss of engagement, as well as rising failure and dropout rates. Decenture is helping make a more equitable and transparent educational ecosystem by revolutionising how institutions engage with their students.

Join us in our quest to create a level playing field for all students and help transform education for the better with Decenture.

Decenture’s Solutions

Blockchain based solutions that solve current challenges for Higher Education Institutions


Decenture’s groundbreaking solution for attendance and engagement tracking is transforming the education sector, equipping institutions with data-driven decision-making capabilities.
Behavioural attributes are captured through Learning Analytics in order to map engagement patterns. The platform consolidates data from multiple touchpoints to give education stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of student engagement, eliminating “siloed data” limitations. This enables decision-makers to understand the effectiveness of the curriculum holistically, how students engage with academic content and its impact on student success.
Decenture helps stakeholders deliver academic excellence through unparalleled insights into student engagement, performance, and overall academic success.
Engage, empower, excel – with Decenture’s data-driven approach

Advanced Analytics AI & ML

At Decenture, we understand that the future of education is not just about what we learn, but how we learn. That’s why our advanced analytics platform offers a solution to some of the most pressing issues facing academic institutions today. By harnessing the power of machine learning and predictive data analysis, our platform provides decision-makers unparalleled insights into student learning dynamics. It enables them to anticipate and respond to student needs with precision.

Our Machine Learning IP analyzes linear and nonlinear patterns, forecasting students’ performance and engagement with over 94% accuracy. This enables stakeholders to anticipate failure and deploy bespoke solutions, enhancing student outcomes and increasing satisfaction.

Certification Jubeo

In today’s digital age, academic certification fraud poses a significant threat to the legitimacy of educational institutions. At Decenture, we recognize the shared responsibility of universities, employers, screening agents, and embassies to verify academic credentials.
That’s why we’ve developed Jubeo – our certification authentication solution that utilizes the power of blockchain technology to prevent fraud. With Jubeo, institutions can join a secure, dedicated platform that ensures student accomplishments are validated and verifiable. This helps protect educational institutions’ reputations and enhances students’ career prospects and employability, facilitating the recruitment process.
Join the Jubeo network today and take the first step in securing your institution’s future, one block at a time.

AlgoX Visualization

Academic institutions rely on their ability to monitor, track, and respond to changing patterns. AlgoX provides rapid access to interactive visualization modules to support institutions’ decision-making. Insights are consolidated into key metrics and delivered in an accessible, actionable dashboard. We recognize the different requirements of academic institutions and offer flexible dashboard customization to suit different user communities, maximizing policy impact. The modules include Engagements, Attendance Tracking, a Warning System for Student risks for dropout, and others organized based on the institutions’ requirements. We also provide the ability to embed the visualizations into WebApps and MobileApps.

An Ecosystem Redefining education for a changing world

Decenture’s ecosystem is revolutionizing the education landscape by uniting schools, government, and employers through advanced analytics and blockchain technology. By bringing all stakeholders together on a single platform, our transformative solution provides a comprehensive and holistic view of academic progress, student engagement, and employability. With data-driven insights and credential validation, our ecosystem addresses the diverse challenges faced by our partners, from skills gaps to the need for greater transparency and efficiency. With Decenture, schools can enhance student engagement and academic outcomes, the government can make informed policy decisions, and employers can identify and recruit the best talent.
Join our ecosystem and unlock the full potential of education for the workforce of tomorrow. Innovating education, empowering progress.

The educational sector’s ongoing transformation calls for greater attention to student engagement and performance. Institutions require a unique toolkit like Decenture’s to address these critical focus points and maintain their institutional relevance.

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