Our mission is to build a fairer and more transparent ecosystem for Higher Education. To do that, we are using blockchain technology to bring all transactions and activities into one platform that is accessible to schools and students only. This is a revolutionising way of engaging and interacting in higher education.

In the best of times, funding is a constant worry, student debt continues to rise, schools must deliver value and maintain academic outcome concisely, clearly, consistently and convincingly. Governments need better systems to manage taxpayers’ funds distribution. Decenture designed a unique set of products that can help alleviate some of the most pressing problems of higher education.

Our goal is to help educational institutions and other centres within Higher Education meet the challenges they face going forward.


Blockchain based solutions that solve current challenges for Higher Education Institutions

Student Engagement – DsE Bridge

We think that tracking attendance and engagement is central. We go beyond the traditional attendance monitoring. Decenture solution measures students engagement with the educational program to help assess the success of the curriculum and its impact on the academic outcome. DsE Bridge is Decenture’s bespoke solution to each academic institution, to collect and consolidate multiple data points for student engagement.

Proctoring – DpS Pass

Institutions moving to any substantial online curriculum need serious and reliable tests to be given. Tests which integrity cannot be questioned. This is a matter not only of signalling to markets but of fairness and equality to students. At Decenture, we have the mechanisms for ensuring integrity in proctoring exams using blockchain technology. DpS Pass is Decenture’s unrivalled solution for remote proctoring. It secures identity authentication, multi-modal recording and delivery of custom review.

Academic Certification – Jubeo

Fake certificates represent one of the more common ways in which universities contend with degree fraud. The burden of responsibility is equally shared with the employers, screening agents, and embassies checking credentials. Jubeo is Decenture’s Certification authentication solution. It relies on the immutable characteristics of our permissioned blockchain platform. Using Jubeo ensures that students’ accomplishments are true and verifiable. Jubeo is Decenture’s form of standardised practice in working to prevent fraud by utilising our secured dedicated platform. Schools no longer need to work in silo when they join the network, and degree authentication has one stop shop. Jubeo provides dates of attendance, award of degree, and student status.

Payment Remittance – iDRP

Decenture’s Treasury and Accounting solution allows real time reconciliation and provides more visibility of the Institution’s financial accounts. It is fully integrated with your current Financials ERP.

Most schools usually deal with revenue collection a few times per year. Their focus is firmly set on building robust cash positions, eliminating payment fraud & inefficiencies and attaining painless book to bank reconciliation. Using Decenture platform, Universities don’t have to deal with a myriad of payment methods such ACH, Global ACH, PayPal, Wire, Prepaid Cards, Checks & more. Decenture digital wallet is linked to the University’s ERP financial gateway platform via API.


Students + Universities + Governments

Eliminating inefficiencies caused by the legacy systems currently used by most Higher Education Institutes

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Leadership Team

Loubna Hadid
Dr Michael Zargham




Dr David Birks
    Laith Marmarchi
Melissa Paredes


Decenture proudly encourages students to forge new paths that bring together creativity, innovation and critical thinking.

Decenture’s hackathons are more than just tech events. It’s being part of a growing community of like-minded people focused on solving business problems and finding the support network and contacts to do so.


10/11th March – in collaboration with Parsons School New York
Columbia University Blockchain Lab
and welcoming CUNY and Touro students

Competition Details

With support by technical collaborators The Stellar Development Foundation

Team GB versus Team USA

Competition Details

As of right now we are looking at hosting events in the following locations: New York, London, San Francisco, Berlin, Toronto, Mumbai, Seoul and more to come!!



How can you be involved in building a fairer Higher Education ecosystem?

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We want to hear from you. We run virtual and onsite hackathons where students work in small teams to solve a challenge of their choice, together with Decenture. Your goal is to demo a deployable blockchain-based solution for the higher education ecosystem.

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